I Enjoy to work with OuYue


I’m Art and I have been working with different e-commerce business. I have known Ouyue team way back in 2016. I have worked with different suppliers and I would say Ouyue is the best to date.

Sylvia took care of everything on the fulfillment side of my clients drop shipping businesses from selecting the excellent manufacturer for a certain product, to warehousing till fulfillment.

With their help, I saved a lot of time dealing with shipping complaints, because they have a very good after sales service because I have observed that one of the challenges of doing a drop ship business is having a reliable and responsive supplier. They have a complete refund and reship policy and they update us on how our shipment is going.

I do hope Ouyue team would be your first choice when you are selecting reliable drop shipping supplier, believe me, you will not regret it.

- Art


Honest is the best policy


I am writing to recommend the services of Sylvia. She has been an excellent working partner for my drop shipping store for the past two years as our sourcing agent. Her knowledge and attention to detail have aided in keeping our company on track. 

We know Ouyue because they send us a message in our facebook messenger and we begin the wonderful journey. 

By the way, they did mistake in shipping wrong item like 5 orders, but they told us immediately when they found out the mistake and offered reship at once even i did not notice it. And this impressed a lot, everyone will make mistake, and they are a company will take responsibility and offered solution.

I feel confident in recommending Sylvia services. She is not only thorough but also easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and respond to questions.

Now we are more like friend not only supplier and client, we learned a lot from each other experience, and wish Ouyue could help more people scale up their business.

- Aether


Our Partner in China


To any entrepreneur in dropshipping business

I met with Ouyue team via one of my friend who is doing great business with Sylvia and suggest me to give it a try.

We are happy with Ouyue team’s work, they make thing clear about every products and share with us their idea about the Chinese manufacturers. The most important thing we would like to mention is that they are honest with every situation. It make us feel relaxed when unexpected happens, it is our luck to meet them and we trust we will doing more great business for long time.



TOP Supplier of us


It was great pleasure to with with Ouyue team for our products when we need help with OEM orders.

We started with just 1 item in the early of 2019, and in the end of 2019, we send over 10 item orders to them, and all is well.

We enjoyed the communication with them and we gained success with their help, they are responsible for any question and reply me any time when i send have request, it was so amazing to find such a good company and we trust we will work more together.

Hope you could also have chance to with work them. Good luck!