Epacket Shipping Day


  • United States  5-15 days
  • Canada  10-25 days
  • Spain, France & Netherlands  15-35 days
  • Portugal & United Kingdom  20-40 days
  • Russian Federation  15-30 days
  • Singapore  15-35 days
  • Australia  15-30 days
  • New Zealand  20-40 days
  • Factors such as delayed logistics and customs clearings may have an impact on the delivery time.

Order Process


  • Send Order via CSV file or aliexpress vip link
  • Confirm Price  
  • Received Payment 
  • Process orders, dispatch stock item in 48 hours  or purchase item which do not have stock) 
  • Random inspection for new products 
  • Picking 
  • Packing and labeling
  • Delivery 
  • Send tracking no. after dispatch
  • Refund Or Resend if u have complaints from your clients 

Customize packing


We could make label with client’s logo. Also box, bag is accepted. 

Quality Control


  • We could help you with fully certified Quality Control & Supply Chain assessment service. Offering product inspections, factory audits, and laboratory testing 
  • 1. When the item is received, carefully checking for defectives/damages in the product Normally we do a random quality check of the products received from the supplier. Like we will check 5 sets among 100 sets. This service is free of cost. If you want to take photographs of the products or want a detailed quality check, then you will have to pay labor charge. 
  • We charge for these services on an hourly basis as per the complexity of work.
  • 2. If the item(s) is defective/damaged, we will contact the seller and returning/exchanging the item We will return the products to the supplier for noticeable damages and mismatch products. You no need to pay any charge for this, but to wait some time to get the right product again.

Sourcing & Purchase


  • OUYUE has a highly efficient team of experts for sourcing products from Chinese or Asia suppliers according to customer’s demands. We will source good quality products at the cheapest rates available in the market. 
  • First, you have to provide us product link or picture. More information like how many orders you already have or potential order qty you might have will help us to get the best offer. 
  • We will purchase the same product you want; we will try to source the product at a better price with same quality. Moreover, we will provide your video and picture for the real sample we get, also sample could be send to you to check quality if you needed. 
  • Normally, we need 1-2 hours to come back to you with the offer for one item. 
  • 2. Consolidating multiple items together in one package if applicable. We do consolidation as per your demands. Charges will depend on the complexity of work.

Photography and video


  • We have our designer to make pictures could offer some product picture for free. But it require your order over 50 for one item.
  • As for video, charge will be discussed base on what kind of video you want to get.  

Free Storage


  • The reason to keep stock is to make shipping fast. 
  • We are glad to provide free storage for all new customers for the first 1 month.
  • After 1 month, we need to charge $20 PER CBM per day.
  • But you have the chance to get the free storage again. Those Clients, who send order over $10,000 per month, will get 2CBM per month for free. Also pls be assured your stock is safe, because every single corner of our warehouses is under CCTV surveillance. 
  • CBM- Cubic Meter



Moreover, we suggest every client to make stock for Chinese new year, this holiday is the longest holiday for Chinese, all factory will closed for at least one month, but for our warehouse only have 6 days off every year. So in order to run things well, we suggest you make some stock for your current products, every year the CNY date is different, we will remind you about the stock issue and pls check how many stock you want to make. Also deposit is need for such service. But we will discuss about how much deposit according to product and order qty. And this deposit will be send back to you when stock sold out or considered as future order payment.