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Only want fulfillment service like FBA


 OUYUE aims to be your office in China. We offer the most efficient drop shipping services to the customers.

  • Customers who don’t want to use our sourcing services and already have connections with some suppliers in China can order products by themselves and send it to our warehouse. Products from Chinese suppliers will take 2 to 5 days to reach our warehouse. But you need to inform us what products and how many pcs or color in this order, also do you have your own SKU for it. After we have received the products;
  • We will do a random quality check and if there is any damage or mismatch found, we will send you pictures and immediately update you with the information.
  • We will then repack the product safely for shipping. We offer standard packing like wrap bubble bag and whatever things the customer wants. All these services will be charged as per the complexity of work.


Bubble Mail Bag


Bubble Wrap


Connected Air Bars


Poly Mail


POD Product


Put label with your own logo